Non-Taxable grouping in Sales Tax Analysis Report



We have been getting a Non-Taxable grouping in our Sales Tax Analysis
Report. We currently have 3 tax codes setup.
1. MN Sales Tax
2. UseTax
3. NoTax

I suspect that we are getting the "Non-Taxable" from our customers that have
the "Tax Exempt" checkbox selected under Customer Properties.

Can anyone confirm/deny my suspicions?



Glenn Adams

"Non-Taxable" comes from Transaction Entries (Line items on a sale) where
the tax is unassigned (TaxID = 0). This is different from your defined
"NoTax" setting. It could come from Non-Taxable customers as you suspect,
or from items where no Tax (Not even "NoTax") has been assigned.


Thanks for your help Glenn!

I filled out a Microsoft survey and suggested that Microsoft assign a
moderator to help answer questions. I appreciate what you are doing to help
all of us on the newsgroup. You spend considerable time helping people out.



Kevin Pham [MSFT]

No. Sales to your tax exempt customer is listed under Tax Exempt sales.
If you sell milk and you do not assign milk to any tax, milk sales will be
listed under Non-taxable sales.
If you sell milk and milk is associated to NoTax, RMS considers the sales is
taxable (with tax percentage is 0% - tax collected is $0).

When an item is non-taxable (such as milk, food), it is recommend that the
user should not to associated it to any tax code (even with NoTax).

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