Non-taxable sales vs. tax-exempt sales



Can anyone tell me how the system differentiates between what come sout on
the Sales Tax Analysis Report as "Tax-Exempt" vs. ""Non-Taxable"??? As far
as I know all the itemjs in my database all have the SAME "tax" property
selected or left as "NONE" in the General properties set-up screen.

When I print a Sales Tax Analysis report some sales show as non-taxable and
a different amount as tax-exempt. How can I find out what determines how
what type of sale is recorded?

[For the record, we sell non-taxable food items as well as items which are
taxable, and we ship out of state (where no tax is charged).] Is it possible
that one of the two categories is the total of all out-of-state shipments
where we remove the tax from the POS screen when ringing up the sale? How
can I tell if that is the case and which of the two categories is which?
From the amounts on the report I think "Non-taxable"" us the out-of-state
sales, but how can I be sure?




Hi WineGuy - I think you're on the right track - - my take is the same, where
tax exempt refers to the tax applied at the receipt level and non-taxable
refers to an item's tax, let's say you sell a taxable item on a
non-taxable receipt because you're shipping out of state, your report would
show the sale under "tax exempt" - - or sell a non-taxable item (ie food) in
a taxable sale it would show under non-taxable - - probably the best way is
to run a couple test sales then void them where you replicate this scenario
and confirm by running your tax report - I don't have MSPOS available to test
right now otherwise I'd confirm for you - hope this helps.....

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