Nonprofitbooks - what do you think?


Mike Webb

Using QB Pro 2003 for Non-Profits
We need a better means to track grants. Knowing very little about QB, I am
confused on QB Premier 2004 for Non-Profits and the Nonprofitbooks software From
the Intuit website, I see that Premier should be able to track grants for
us, so what is the benefit to this other software? Anyone have some
experience they'd care to share?



S.M. Serba

As someone wiser than me (and quicker with the reply button) answered in
your previous thread, use the Customers:Jobs function of QB to track your
grants as jobs. There would be no need, in my opinion, to upgrade at all
unless there is a reporting function or other feature you would actually

Stephanie Serba, AICIA
Partner, Durham Business Outsource
Accounting & Technology
smserba <at> dbo <dot> ca


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