Not appealing



Today I was brought this HB case that hadn't got a review date.
Yes, even I know that, but null values aren't allowed so it's set to the
end of the century.
The claimant was an ex-employee of Darkside Benefits; she's a spawn of
Satan so her claim'd naturally violate the database integrity. She was
on HB when she "worked" for us and always had lots of new expensive
clothes; she was always late in, and the other staff thought she was
probably on the game.

The Benefits Unit Manager said she's appealing. "She doesn't appeal to
me" I said.
"Against our fraud decision" said the BUM.
"What was the fraud?"
"Working and claiming - and I'd actually given her a reference!"
"A reference?" I didn't follow her.
"For the job - I should've known - er, how could I have known she wasn't
going to declare it? It'd be exactly like her, wouldn't it?"
Silly BUM, she had the employer's address, she should've checked.

"Make the fraud case stick and you won't have to give her any more
references, will you?" I said.


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