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I owe $60000 in credit cards. My house is payed for, only worth $40,000,
which I gave to my daughter 1 year ago and now I am a life time resident
on SSI. My lawyer told me not to file bankruptcy,because they could take
the house away. I stopped paying 3 out of 6 CC. I don't know what will
happen to me? Any advise appreciated!!!!



Robert Stumpf

Given the limited information I know, I would tell you not to file not
because of the house, but because as it is, you are probably judgment proof.
What could the creditors do to you, even if some of them went to the trouble
to secure judgments against you? Judgments are next to worthless if you
don't have any property they can take. Probably the worst they could do is
annoy you with phone calls, but if that's the case, just get an unlisted
phone number.


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