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I work for a Bar Association (lawyers, not alcohol) which has NEVER
entered their payables into QB against their receivables (which are
only being entered somewhat correctly now that I am doing them). I
have been gently cajoling the boss to let me start doing that, but the
she is concerned that she will not be able to answer questions from our
accountant about the income we receive or the bills we pay (she writes
checks by hand) if she starts having me enter them. She loves the
Summary Report we give her every month so she can report INCOME to the
Board of Directors but the report will change the minute I start
entering payables and attributing them to the various accounts set up
for income. In effect, she will then get a "net report".

Question: Is there a way to run the Summary Report without showing the
paid out money - just the income? I have already entered about a dozen
checks which I could delete until she goes to the accountant, and she
really does want to enter our payables against our receivables, but not
at the end of our fiscal year - March 1 - any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help



Bob Williams


What on earth are you trying to do?

Accountants report income separately from expenses - they do not net
these off, because to do so would be to lose detail that is needed in
making business decisions. Expense accounts may be related to income
accounts by cost centre or some other form of organisational structure,
but their transactions are rarely, if ever, recorded in associated
income accounts.

Perhaps if you explained in a little more detail just what you are
doing now and what you would like to know, we may be able to help you

Bob Williams CPA




Just to second what Bob says... what are you doing here? I am

Lance Mertz, CPA

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