UK Novice trying to file corporation tax

Jul 2, 2019
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United Kingdom
I am doing the bookkeeping for my partner and trying to keep the cost down by doing all the filing online.

We were late filing this year due to being let down. The accounts are up to date with companies house, and I filed a self assessment,.so I out exactly how much tax he needed to pay. I have the business gateway number, password,the CF number, (and registered to do Corporation tax with an acknowledgement ref) Notice of formal request for the company to deliver a tax return. However when I try to log onto it. I get a ....* there is a problem...this information does not exist for corporation tax or it has already been used to request access to this tax or scheme * or it refers me to the personal tax account. I am going around in circles.and speaking to HMRC is not helpful. I was wondering whether to just print off the form and fill it out and send it although I know this can be more.of a delay?

If anybody could offer advice I would be most grateful. Thankyou!


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