NRA tax report, stock trading


John Doe

I'm a nonresident alien trading on the US stock exchanges
using ameritrade. I've just been doing so for the last year,
so I'm relatively new at this. Few days ago I received my
2004 Form 1042-S. In it, there is only one entry, as follows

Income code: 01 (Interest paid by U.S. obligators-general,
it says free balance interest adjustment on the ameritrade
transactions page)
Gross income: 0.52
Tax rate(%): 0
Exemption code: 02 (exempt under an internal revenue code section
(income other than portfolio interest))
U.S. Federal tax witheld: 0.00

Other than this, i only had gains/losses (fortunately more
gains, though :)) from buying/selling stocks (I have a cash

So, my question is: With the information provided here, am I
strictly required to fill the tax report (if I understood
correctly, in some cases, filing the tax report is not

If I am required to file the tax report, what is the
procedure to do so if I live outside the US?

Thank you in advance!


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