Nursing Home Care costs


Ron Peterson
describes the plight of county nursing homes saying:
"Almost all of Badger Prairie's roughly 112 residents have federal
Medicaid insurance, which reimburses $130 a day per person compared
with an actual cost of $345, said Lynn Green, director of Dane County
Human Services. The average disparity between Medicaid reimbursement
and cost of care for all public and private Wisconsin nursing homes is
$29 a day per patient, according to Tom Moore, executive director of
Wisconsin Health Care Association."
From that, I gather that the average costs for nursing home care is
$159/day with difficult cases averaging as high as $345/day.




Genworth estimates that the average daily costs (ADC) of nursing home
care in Wisconsin averaged $204 in 2007. In 2005 MetLife reported that
the Madison area had an ADC of $194 for semi-private facilities and
$226 for private homes.

Admittedly, Genworth and MetLife are large players in the LTC market
and would have an incentive to manipulate assumptions and variables to
inflate the average. However, both Metlife and Genworth feel confident
enough about their findings that they did publish their methodolgy.

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