NV Resident CA Corp?

May 28, 2011
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I currently live in CA as an independent software contractor. Last year, I formed an S-Corp and am paying myself a salary (about 35% of total receivables last year, in 2011 it will be closer to 50%). I am moving to Nevada later this year. My CA accountant is telling me that I will have to continue to pay the $800 corp fee for CA because the company that I consult for is in CA. (She really pushes the s-corp). Also I will have to pay CA taxes on that income. So my questions are: 1. Do I really have to continue to pay CA taxes and the $800 CA corp fee, and if so-2. Am I better off dissolving the CA Corp and going back to being self employed once I get to NV? ALL work I perform for the CA company is at my home, through a secure connection to their computer. I do not ever visit the CA office. Total receivables is 70-85k year....


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