NY State Tax : Resident or Part YearResident dilemma



Hi Tax Gurus,
During the tax year 2001, I worked both in VA and NY. Since I lived
more than 183 days in VA, I am very clear that I need to file VA state
resident form.

While working in NY, I commute to NY, worked on weekdays and return
back to VA for weekends to stay with my family. But during the
weekdays I stayed in NY and my company provided my stay. I never
maintained (paid by me) any residency. Since I physically stayed in NY
for some time, do I consider as resident of NY for tax purposes? Also
I am filing as married jointly, but wife never stayed in NY.

What is not clear to me is which form I should file for NY Part year
resident or Nonresident? Any information on this much appreciated.

Sannasi Nehru


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