OA Crashes when I click on Company button at left



I have OA 2007 installed and integrated with BCM on my SBS Premium server
running SQL 2005. It's working great, but on my XP workstation only, when I
click on the Company button in OA on the left side, OA crashes. I've
searched for solutions to this, but have found nothing. Please help.



Jorn L M \(MS\)

Do you have any details from the crash?

Also does everything else in Office Accounting work as expected, for example


I can get the details from the crash, but it's over 60k in size and I'm only
allowed to post 30k messages here.

Reports also cause a crash.

Thanks for the response.

Jorn L M \(MS\)

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Based on your description I think the
problem is that the OWC11.DLL file is not registered properly. There is a
couple of ways to fix that:

- Uninstall and reinstall Office Accounting. This should make sure the files
are registered correctly. After doing this you will need to reattach your
database to be able to connect to it again.

- Another way is to register the file manually:
1. Open a command prompt
2. go to folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web
3. run command: regsvr32 owc11.dll

Please let me know if this helps you...



Went to follow your directions, only to discover that the Web Components
folder was completely missing. I copied the folder from one of my other
workstations, then registered OWC11.DLL and that did the trick!

Many thanks,

Jorn L M \(MS\)

Good to hear you are up and running.

As you can probably tell it is a problem we have seen before with other
customers and we are looking into how we can fix this in future versions...


I’m experiencing a similar problem and have tried the fix below with no luck.
Any time I close the application from the Company tab the application
crashes when re-opened. I can reset by going into MS SQL Server 2005 and
stopping the MSSMLBIZ service and then restarting. This will allow me back
into the program. The program will also crash at times when simply clicking
on the company tab from another tab in the program. The first problem occurs
EVERY time, the second problem occurs sometimes. I have submitted crash
reports several times and was even contacted by someone from the MS team back
in July 2007 responding to the crash reports, but the issue was never
resolved. Please help, I’m desperate – I need this program to be stable.
I’m willing to upgrade to 2008 if it will solve the problem, but I need some
guidance. Thanks, Lewis

Kollen Glynn [MS]

Hi Lewis, the crash dialog should include a link to temporary XML file.
Could you reply with the top portion of that file before the loaded modules
section? That will help us diagnose the problem on the spot rather than
trying to find your anonymous entry in the error logs.





Is this what you need?

EventType : officeaccounting2 P1 : 2.0.7024.0
P2 : nullreferenceexception P3 : asyncoperationcompleted
P4 : deserialize P5 : 2077b1c6 P6 : 409 P7 : 2

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