OA crashing



I have been using the sample company in OA to try to see if this program will
work for our accounting needs. Unfortunately, on a daily basis it freezes up
and then the screen pops up that says that OA has experienced an error and
must close. Is this a normal occurrence for the sample company - should I
expect this to continue when we import our data?



Meena [MS]

This is not a normal occurence for the sample company.

When the app shuts down, could you do the following:

1. Once you receive initial error screen, in lower left corner of window
2. Click on the link that states What Data does the error report Contain
3. This will be the next window that appears, select the View the Contents
of this error report (in lower left hand corner)
4. A new Window will open that will indicate the path to the error
5. Highlight the path
6. Press CTRL + C on your Keyboard (keep the window open, don't choose
7. Go to Start | Run, then press CTRL + V (this should paste the path that
you copied in Step 5
8. Select OK and this should open the file
9. Do CTRL + A (this will highlight all the contents)
10. Then Select CTRL + C

Can you then copy of the contents of the error into your reply (do a
Control + V in your reply to newsgroup)?

Once we have the error, it might offer more insight.

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