OA professional 2007 crashes on startup



I'm having an intermittent problem with Office Accounting Professional 2007.

About 50% (or more) when I start the application, it crashes with an error.

The error signature I get is this:
EventType : officeaccounting2 P1 : 2.0.7024.0
P2 : nullreferenceexception P3 : asyncoperationcompleted
P4 : deserialize P5 : 635e7d04 P6 : 409 P7 : 2

The problem "seems" to occur as the application is loading the graphs on the
"company" main screen.

Often times I'll have to start, let the app crash, and restart 5 or 6 times
before it will completely start.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Justin Knupp
Stonecreek Media, Inc.



Kollen Glynn [MS]

This sounds like an issue with one of the dashboard parts.When you get the
app open, hide all the dashboard parts and see if that makes a difference on
startup and report back.


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