Object Model



I would like to build an application that pulls data out
of Money and combines it with data from Outlook. Does MS
Money support a public object model through which I can
build this solution?



Dick Watson

No. The FAQ:
Q): How do I access the Money API (OLE, XML, ODBC, object model, Jet
database, MSISAM database, etc)?

A): Any external programmatic interfaces for Money are undocumented,
unsupported, and without any promise of retention in the future.

Certain ISVs (Ultrasoft and Kiplinger/H&R Block come to mind) have
implemented programmatic interfaces to Money, presumably with help from
Microsoft. Try contacting Microsoft directly. Let us know how this works.

Money does support OFC/OFX for interchange with financial institutions.
(E.g., statement download, EPAY.) If this is what you want to do, refer to
the Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Active Statements Interface, and Open
Financial Exchange links.

Thanks to Cal Learner for the OFC/OFX interface info.

Open Financial Exchange <http://www.ofx.net/>
Microsoft Active Statements Interface
Microsoft Money Partner <http://www.microsoft.com/money/partner/>

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