Australia OCR software like Wave that can detect date, amount, company on receipt then rename file?

Jul 3, 2019
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Whilst I think my current receipt filing method is the best, I feel like I am on the verge of discovering an OCR software that may make this process even easier.

I have been renaming receipt files manually for 2 years.

Receipt file name example:
[Date]_ [Amount]_ [Country-Code]_ [Card-Number]_ [Company]_ [Description].jpg

Once the receipts are correctly named, an excel spreadsheet automatically imports and sorts them into columns. Date, amount, card number, company, description etc.

I send this spreadsheet to my CFO. The spreadsheet also has a hyper-links to the receipt files so my CFO can just click to see the receipt.

My colleagues used to come back from overseas trips and hand me messy piles of receipts so I got them to download the free App called Receipts by Wave for business.

All they need to do is take a photo of the receipt using the App. The photo is then uploaded to the cloud and I can access using Wave’s on-line dashboard.

I only needed the cloud capability, however the OCR capability was an added bonus and I was blown away by the accuracy. It detected the date, amount and company 99% correct, even if the receipt was stapled to a sheet of paper.

If you export the receipts from Wave to your PC, the file-name appears as:
[Date]_ [Company].jpg

If Wave can almost do what I want, is there an alternative OCR software that can rename the receipt file the same as my "Receipt file name example" ?


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