Italy ODN (Official Document Number) - VAT Register Report - requirements

Jan 23, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I hope you can help!!

I am working on a project for an Italian company, specifically for the VAT report declaration requirements. I am well aware that in Italy all VAT transactions have to have an ODN number assigned in sequential numbering, and no gaps are allowed.
The question I have is whether the ODN number sequential numbering range has to be based on document type as well as VAT books or just doc type.
I am trying to ascertain whether the ODN range needs to be different also based on the, for example, sale: different range for say EU sales, domestic sales, exempt sales etc. I researched many websites and can only see that the ODN range needs to be based (or differentiated) based on doc type only

Do anyone know whether there are legal requirements in Italy to split the ODN for vat books??

Thanks in advance :)



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