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Discussion in 'Microsoft Accounting' started by mayfieldh, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. mayfieldh

    mayfieldh Guest

    I have edited my template for my invoice to have my logo and change some of
    the other text. I have saved it under a different name and now I don't know
    how to have it popup when I send the invoice to my client via email.

    Can you help out...

    mayfieldh, Oct 22, 2008
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  2. mayfieldh

    Mint Guest


    I came across the same problem. I believe there is no option to change your
    template once it's been captured as default. I could not find it so far.
    Again many thanks to Microsoft for another "Professional" piece of software
    for business.

    Here is my workaround:

    1. (for vista) go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\Office
    Accounting 2008\Templates\invoice

    2. Create new folder in invoice folder. You can name new folder as you like.

    3. Move all invoice templates to that new folder and leave only one you are
    interested in. This will cause popup with selection of templates to show,
    next time you try it, but only once. If you would like to change, again swap
    the template in invoices folder or you could probably only change name of
    that template to cause selection window to pop up.

    I hope this will help somehow.

    If anyone knows easier way to do it, then please post.
    Mint, Oct 23, 2008
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  3. mayfieldh

    mr koul Guest

    If the invoice you edited was saved in the same location as the invoice
    templates, it should be no problem . Open an invoice you want to email,
    select ACTIONS, then select EMAIL, select say ...PDF, a dialog box should
    open with invoice templates, select the invoice template you want and email
    it. If you selected PDF, the attachment should be there for you to review
    and check to see ifit the correct template. The next time you want to send
    an invoice, the same template is now the default.

    Hope this helps
    mr koul, Oct 23, 2008
  4. mayfieldh

    Mint Guest

    True. But what you going to do if it becomes default and you want to change
    it? Do you know any other way than posted by me earlier?
    Mint, Oct 23, 2008
  5. mayfieldh

    mr koul Guest

    save it with a different name. The last invoice you select is no the
    default. I change mine for different customers, but I hjave a name that
    identifies it to me so I know what it is going to have in it. I change text
    as well. It is really pretty easy
    mr koul, Oct 23, 2008
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