Office Accounting 2009 Doesn't Recognize Office 2010

Discussion in 'Microsoft Accounting' started by TOCDCO, Mar 25, 2010.


    TOCDCO Guest

    I'm just reinstalled office 2009 professional and I cannot seem to be able to
    export letters to word, nor do emailing. It says that Office 2000 or later
    isn't installed. Any ideas?
    TOCDCO, Mar 25, 2010
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    LD55ZRA Guest

    I think you will need to wait until final version of Office 2010 is
    released. Why not continue using Office 2007 for now? What is the hurry in
    using Office 2010 which is likely to be buggy and your letters and emails
    may reach aliens on Mars!! You don't want to take that risk do you?
    LD55ZRA, Mar 26, 2010
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    Bob Guest

    Similar experience..I postes a similar question here a few months ago. I am
    concerned as I can find no statement from MS as to the planned compatibility
    of OA 2009 with the forthcoming *release* of Office 2010. The latest betas
    still are not working, which of course doesn't mean anything, but it would be
    reassuring to hear an official planned compatibility statement either way.
    The last thing I want to have happen is upgrade once Office 2010 is released
    only to discover that it doesn't work with OA 2009.
    Bob, Apr 12, 2010


    Jun 3, 2011
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    Reinstall your version of Office (2003/2007). Don't use Office 2010. The XML tags no longer exist, so you can't export to Word 2010 templates. Use a version of Office 2003 that supports XML or use Office 2007.
    Answer, Jun 3, 2011


    Jul 10, 2011
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    There is a way round this that doesn't involve reinstalling Word 2010 or editing the registry - well, it worked for me. The trick seems to be to get Word to access the XML schema provided by Accounting 2009. Summary as follows:

    1. Ideally find an unedited Accounting 2009 template file that retains the schema links (see later). It doesn't matter which template it is, but it saves effort later finding the XML schema file
    2. Save it as a new template in Word 97-2003 format
    3. Put Word 2010 into 'developer' mode (File > Options > Customise Ribbon to display it on the Ribbon)
    4. Select 'Structure' (on the XML tab) and select 'Design Mode' (Controls tab)
    5. An XML Structure pane should have opened on the RHS of the Word window. If not (esp if you've not managed to find an unaltered template file per step 1), you will need to select 'Schema' (XML tab) and hunt through your system for the Accounting 2009 XML schema. I didn't have to do this, so can't help much more
    6. Assuming you've got a valid schema open, untick the box at the bottom of the XML Structure pan entitled "List only child elements of current element". This should then bring up a list of all the placeholders from Accounting 2009, which you can then insert into your document as you like
    7. Edit the template, inserting fields as required, and save in 97-2003 format in the Accounting template folder.


    AndrewR, Jul 10, 2011
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