Office accounting activation issues


Daniel Obuba

Hi--- I'm having issues with an Office Accounting installation. i
accidentally used a key that has already been used past its limit and now it
can neither be registered nor used, cos the trial limits has been exhausted.
I have a new key now...but can't figure out how to use it on that same
installation cos its kind of like locked. Pls, how do i use the new key? any
help would be highly appreciated asap.
Thanks all,


Aug 6, 2013
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for windows Vista onwards;

Check 'view hidden folder' in folder options, then navigate to the following directory
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Office Accounting\4.0

open the pa.dat file in notepad, delete contents and save it. Everything should be fine now.
for windows xp, the directory is;

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
\Microsoft\Office Accounting\3.0

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