Offline Inventory Question


John N

I have a question about transferring products from offline inventory to main
inventory. When a product is selected in offline inventory for transfer back
to main inventory, it looks like RMS automatically transfers the entire
quantity of that item into main inventory. For example, if we have a
quantity of 10 of Item A in offline inventory and we want to transfer Item A
to main inventory, RMS forces us to send all 10 back to main inventory. I
don't see any way to transfer only some of the offline inventory quantity
back to main inventory (for example, to move 5 of Item A from offline to
main, leaving 5 in offline). If you use offline inventory for defective or
returned goods, you would often return only some of the items at a time (as
they came back from repair, for example). Is there a way to only send some
of an offline item back to main inventory in RMS or does it have to be all or
nothing? Thanks.


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