One Write Plus not printing


Dixon Epperson

Customer has used OneWrite Plus for over a year on this XP machine.
Last week they had a horrible infestation of Trojans, Transponders and
a couple of viruses. (disgruntled employee had turned off the a/v
I cleaned it up, restored everything and got it running, but also I
disabled some of the services that were running that I didn't think
would be needed and might cause a potential security hole.
Since then, they have not been able to print more than one or two
documents from their OneWritePlus without error: NSSOWL31.DLL has
caused a GPF in Main.exe
I've tried to restore everything back, but am still getting this
error. Has anyone experienced this and does anyone have an idea on
where to start as far as correcting it?

Dixon Epperson
email: [email protected]


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