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Nov 13, 2018
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United States
Hello. I am new to this forum.

Due to an operating system, I cannot no longer invoke the OWP Version 7 I have installed on an older Win98 desktop.
I am working with a vendor to get it installed with the current DB onto a compaq laptop running on Windows XP.

Was able to successfully do the initial install of the OWP Ver 7 on the compaq. Next step is the last true backup CD, created from the Win98 Desktop OWP was created back on April 8, 2018. So believe next is to go back into the OWP on the compaq and do a RESTORE using this April 8, 2018 CD? Assuming it works, would then go back into the OWP on compaq, choose the newly created company, and should show all transactions resident to April 8?

However, need the entire database to date. Current one in the Win98, in OWPW/DATA has transactions through October 15, 2018. So our understanding is the DB and log files for this company can be overlayed into the OWPW/DATA files on the compaq. Then when we reinvoke the company, after going back into the compaq, should show all transactions through October 15??

However, vendor first tried the straight overlay, using the live DB and Logs (again with trans to October 15) in the compaq.
When he went into the compaq, even though the files were there, he saw no data for 2018? Not sure what happened, but suspect he was for some reason not connected to the database?

Would appreciate input from anyone as what may have occurred the first time using the overlay, and if the overall approach I mentioned here should work? Thanks in advance. Larry Staley
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