Online Center not working right - text not updating?


Scott Townsend

Here is a Screen Shot of what I see many times when I'm entering in Info in
the Online Center.

I'm using Quicken Version 2005. This has happened with Q04 aswell.

The file that I'm using I've started from a Quicken 2000 copy.

Its hard to test the situation with a new file as I'd need to setup all the
online stuff with the test file and setup Payments, etc.

Since its following me in version I'm not sure if its something in my Data
file or if its quicken.

The whole Adding a Payment has always been flaky for me. If I start to type
and it comes up with a list of stuff and I select it, sometimes it enters in
what I wanted and some times it does not.

Anyone else having issues with this screen? I'm almost ready to do my
Payments online with my bank and download them back into Quicken...



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