Online FairTax Seminar



News/Talk 750 WSB's Neal Boortz is hosting a FREE internet seminar, or
Webinar to answer your questions about the FairTax. The FREE internet
seminar, presented by Comcast High Speed Internet, is FREE and available for
you to view now. Comcast High Speed Internet is the sponsor of this event,
however you can be a part of this internet seminar no matter who your
internet provider is.

What's a Internet Seminar or Webinar? Simply put, it's a virtual seminar
where you can learn more about a particular topic - in this case The
FairTax. It's just like you're going to a real, in-person seminar except you
don't need to leave the house, fight traffic, pay an admission fee, or even
get dressed. This internet seminar is now available for your viewing. You
can watch it online anytime.

Neal Boortz, co-author of the best-selling book, FairTax: The Truth:
Answering the Critics, presents information about the FairTax and answers
your questions about how it works for you.


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