Options trading accounts in the UK?



I'm on the lookout for a UK based online trading account that will
offer trading in options in US indices, specifically the Russell 2000
(on which you can trade options via the IWM ticker symbol). Currently
all I have found is IG Index that offers options in the S&P500 and Dow
Jones (not the Russell 2000), and many US based accounts that allow
foreigners to sign up.

I would like to avoid using US accounts if possible, for many reasons,
the main ones being the number of agreements that I need to sign, e.g.
the US W-8BEN form that requires me to apply for a US SSN (social
Security Number) or ITIN (which takes 4 to 6 weeks), not to mention
the number of legal agreements. I would like to avoid a web of legal
bindings with the US if at all possible!



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