OT: Dodgy UK recruitment companies



I decided to post this message to share my experience of two
companies, these being a recruitment consultants called s2hr also
known as Science RO and secondly a cv formatting company called CV
select or CV selector. After finding an interesting job advertised on
TotalJobs.com I sent my CV off to the recruitment company in question
(s2hr). A few days later they got back to me and said they thought I
would be an ideal candidate for the job but they thought that my CV
was not of sufficient quality to put forward and they recommended that
I get it professionally reformatted.

I was very surprised by this as I'd spent a lot of time preparing my
CV and was very pleased with it's contents and format. S2hr then told
me that they could arrange for my cv to be reformatted using a company
called cv slelector, they put me through to this company on the phone
and they explained that they normally charged £99 for their services
but that because I was coming from an agency the agency would pay most
of the fees leaving me to pay £39. They went on to explain that this
£39 would be refunded to me as soon as I got an interview for a job
through the agency. They refused to give me any examples of their
formatting service using the reason that I would simply be able to
copy their work. They then explained that when I payed for the service
my CV would be reformatted within 24hrs and immediately supplied to
the recruiter (s2hr) but that I would not receive a copy until 1 month
later so that the agency had a head start in finding me a position.

I was very sceptical about all of this and my immediate reaction was
that the companies were likely to take my money and not be heard of
again, I was sceptical that the job in question even existed. I should
have stuck with my first instinct. The recruitment company called me
back later in the week and used some basic sales tactics telling me
that they were supplying 5 cv'c to their client and that they had 4
and would very much like to use mine as the 5th as I was well suited
to the role. After pondering my position for a while I eventually
foolishly decided that I could afford to loose £39 and take the gamble
that their was actually a job as the job spec was perfect for what I
wanted. After giving then my credit card details it's perhaps not
surprising that I have not heard a peep from s2hr since. Over a month
later I had also not received my 'professionally reformatted' CV from
cv selector. However after a email to the company I did get my CV and
needless to say it was of very poor quality. My original cv was far
improved, their work essentially involved adding a cover sheet to my
cv and changing the fonts. Absolute rubbish.

My advice is not to use these companies but you can read my experience
and make up your own mind. Some interesting information I've dug up
about the company registered as 'CV select':

CV select registered to this address:
4 Esher Avenue
KT12 2TA
PHONE: 01932 886 731

CV select registered by a David Michael Nield who resides at the
address above along with a Benjamin Nield, Jennifer Lynn Nield and
Adam Nield. David Nields mobile number is 07886 483 670.

All the information above is available freely on the internet if yo
know how to get access to such details, I'm just bringing it together
for convenience. I hope it is helpful for someone. Unfortunatly I
can't find any detilas about s2hr company as it is not registered (at
least underthat name) but I strongly suspect a link between the 2
companies based on my experience. Use these companies only if you are
happy to loose your money!


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