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I apologize in advance if this is off topic in any way-

We are an HVAC contarctor in central California- I have been recently
looking into having an out side company perform our bookkeeping
services rather than in house- As a basic rule, what should one
"expect" as a minimum from an out sourced provider- IE- payroll
services provided, what extent should A/R be tracked, collection
serices etc- Tough question (I think) the few services I have looked
into seem to be ma and pa outfits that deal with smaller companies than

Any links/advice would greatly be appreciated







I sent via your company web page (to [email protected]) a copy of a document I
have reviewed with clients on the Govt's recordkeeping requirements. It
is a well laid out document that should assist even a mid-size company
to evaluate your recordkeeping needs.

There are of course, many companies large and small that can give you
advice. You many wish to speak with a 'high-end' subcontractor firm
such as Robert Half Associates (Accountemps) for asssitance if you are
multi=state or multi-national.

You may be surprised at the quality of work a smaller compnay can
provide at a lesser cost though. You would constitute a larger portion
of their overall income, so your firm would get the lions share of
their time and resources.

Secondly, I would say that most firms would offer to perform all
full-charge bookkeeping as well as some Human Resources duties.

Well enough friendsly advice for now I think.

A Christina Fyri - Fyri Books & Paper Trails

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