Outputting Data


Ron England

Does RMS have a feature to output the receipt data to XML format ? We are
looking to capture the receipt data to overlay it on top of Surveillance
video .




I was talking with a friend of mine that is in the alarm/surveilance
business the other day about the same thing. One of the ways it can be done
is with hardware that goes bewteen the PC and the printer to capture receipt
data for overlay in the video. You may need to speak to someone in the
security business.



Hi Ron
Usually the way this is done is to use the pole display rather than the
printer, as there is usually data sent to the printer (logo etc) that is not
needed. Most security companies have devices that go between the serial port
and the pole display to capture this data.





Am also looking for the same information and for the same purpose and not
sure i am getting anywhere. Please help if any direct software based
integration available, like Ron requested in xml format?

or any sdk or workaround found to receive real time transaction data from
POS/RMS applicatoin.

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