PA CPA Exam question.


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I have at least 120 credits and a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, and wish
to sit for the CPA exam soon. In PA, you only need a Bachelor's Degree and
at least 120 credits to sit for the exam. I understand the 120 credit option
requires "2 years experience" to become licensed/certified. When does this 2
years of experience have to happen? In other words, what if I begin taking
the 4 part exam when I'm not working in public accounting or as an internal
auditor at the time? How much time do I have to get this experience?

Also -- how do I find out exactly how many credits I do have (I've been to
several schools and have around 150 credits I believe, with two Associates
and one Bachelor's Degree)? How do I find out for sure, officially? Is it
when I "apply" for to take the CPA exam?


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Mike (remove XX's to reply)

Contact your state's CPA board. I foudn the board members in Ohio to be
very helpful with these questions. Hopefully, the PA board members will
be just as friendly and helpful.





Stephen Lewis


I'm a PA CPA. The best thing to do is contact the PA Department of State's
Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs as they are the licensing
board for the state. Information is also posted on the state's web site.
Go to and find the Bureau and the rules should be posted

You should qualify to sit for the exam with a BS and 120 hours but you have
to have a certain number of credits in accounting and most states also
require that you have taken certain accounting courses. I don't think there
is a limit on when you need to obtain the 2 years of experience and internal
audit experience may qualify. Once again the board provide you all the
information you need and once you complete the application they will let you
know if you are missing anything.

It has been over 15 years since I became a CPA so some rules will have
changed but the above should help. I also believe you need 2 CPAs in the
state to recommend you. Hope this helps.

Stephen Lewis, CPA

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