"Paid to Account" and "Paid on Account", what's the difference



what is the difference between the 2 that shows up on the Z report, where can
i find details about these since the Z report is jus a summary?



Andy Miller - Boise, Idaho

I have never liked the way RMS labeled these descriptors on the z tape. I
always rename these to my customer's request.

one of them is the total dollar amount that was paid by using a customer's
account type. basically, how much money people borrowed from your store
until they pay off their balance.

the other one is how much money your customers paid to pay off their
balances.(money that they actually gave to you so they dont have an
outstanding balance.)


I have just ran into this problem,
I don't know if the report is incorrect or is it the way rms does things.
When i sell and item and pay for it with customers store account and than
receive a payment on this account , the z report still shows short for this
items amount.

I'm using rms 2 and the default x report




John M.

The "Paid on Account" is when a customer charges to an "in store"
account that you have setup. The "Paid to Account" is when you
actually wind up getting the payment from the customer after you have
billed him for his "in store" account.

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