Pain-free upgrade


Ronald Hands

I'm astonished. Just upgraded from Quicken 6 (mid-90s vintage, so
far as I can recall) to Quicken Cash Manager 2005 without any major
problems. I expected the worst (and even saved a copy of the entire
Quicken 6 folder on another computer), but so far everything seems to
have transferred smoothly and there have been only minor glitches.

I suspect things went so well because, over the years, I used only a
fraction of Quicken's capabilities and therefore had no investment files
or any other complex entities. But I have to hand it to Quicken for
either keeping the file formats consistent or providing good translation
utilities -- I'm not sure which.

The only reason for the upgrade, by the way, was that I recently
upgraded my computer from Windows 98SE to Windows XP and found that I
could no longer backup Quicken across the network. Backup to floppies
still worked, but there were too many floppies involved.

All of the above refers to Canadian versions of the programs, by the

-- Ron


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