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We are trying to use SBA in Aussie.

Does the UK version support A4 paper reports or are they still all Letter

Also can you change the date layout in Reports?

Are Financial reports like the P&L more flexible, with more column options?

This info will be helpful in evaluating future use of the program.

Thank you




Hi Managercondo

I believe that it's the printer that determine what paper formats is
supported. Try select "Properties" in the print dialog. You should be able to
select A4 from the printers paper options.

Office Accounting picks up the date layout settings you select in your
Operating System, under regional setttings.

The financial reports seems pretty flexible to me. I would encourage you to
try out OA2008. You can download a 60 day trial version of Office Accounting
Professional 2008 from this site

I hope this helps



Greetings Soren

Unfornatuely we are one of 47 like organisations. Our HO has intergrated SBA
with another windows database, so we have to use it. We have been promised
the UK version will solve all our problems next year sometime.

A4 paper is the standard size paper in Aussie, as you probably know it is
longer and narrower than Letter size the US standard paper. Hence all op our
printers are set to A4.

Problem in SBA is documents like Journals and reports have been set in the
code with page setups and margins for Letter paper. When printing in Portrait
layout part of the right hand cents column falls off the page.

As to dates we have fixed most of them except the ones in column headings on
P&L, Balance Sheets. There does not seem to be any option to change that.

I will try a copy of 2008 at home.

Thank you


Hi Managercondo,

Here is what my sources tells me.

For reports and list printing, you can go to PageSetup and change margins
and orientation.

For all other forms, except timesheet, Microsoft enforce Portrait.

US version of Office Accounting is designed for Letter
UK versionof Office ACcounting is designed for A4

You can select this in Print Dialog – Properties (Printer Properties).

I hope this helps,



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