Parents Dependent Capital Loss Claim



My parents does not have any income. My spouse and I have been claiming
them as dependent for few years now in our joint return. Last year in
2008, I invested my money in my parents brokerage account and made a
overall loss of $5,400. I deposited my money on their account to do

My question is:

1) Can I claim my dependent parents under my return, if not do they have
to file tax return
2) Who can claim capital loss
a) If I claim them as dependent can I claim that loss and have deduction
in my tax
b) If they have to file their return how can they claim loss deduction if
they don't have any income
c) any other option

Thanks for help in advance






Bob Sandler

You asked the identical question on September 28 with a
slightly different subject line: "Dependent Parents Capital
Loss Claim." You received three answers. The answers are not
going to be any different now.

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