Partial Dollar Sales Tax


Bill Yater

I have a question for the U.S. users of RMS.

Has anyone ever encountered a sales tax district (state, county, etc) which
uses a partial-dollar sales tax structure, so that you would be required to
setup and maintain the Partial Dollar table in the Store Operations Sales Tax

I'm trying to write up a requirements document for a third-party sales tax
system (looking at Vertex, CCM, and Avilera), and I'm trying to determine if
we need to include a requirement for partial dollar sales tax information.
I've never seen anyone who uses it, and I'm wondering if this is some remnant
of QuickSell which is not relevant in a US-based business.




YES! Florida does have sales tax structured that way, although most people
(and POS devlopers) are not aware of the fact. The partial dollar tax comes
from a lookup table and is not based on a straight percentage. When you get
audited by the state department of revenue, THEY know about it. It gives
them a last shot at collecting some money from you if they can't find
anything else ;). This is one reason I am using RMS, as almost no other POS
programs can handle the sales tax correctly.


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