Partial Payments



Accounting 2008 - When I apply a payment (that is below amount owed); it
gives me the following error message: The total amount applied to thise
invoices cannot exceed the amount received.

Problem 1: the amount is does not exceed.
Problem 2: Is there any way to accept a partial payment?

Thanks very much for your help!!
Aug 21, 2010
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Partial Payment

enter the amount you've received in the normal box.
untick any invoices that are ticked ( first column in the grid)
enter the amount received in the last column for the relevant invoice


Sep 21, 2010
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partial payments help


I am trying to do partial payments also, eg I have a council tax bill of £1500 payable in 10 monthly instalments of £150 each, by direct debit.

In the 'pay a purchase invoice' screen there is no option to overtype the amounts, the total amount paid at the top is greyed out. The help system says you should be able to edit the amount due for an individual invoice but I can't edit this field with the invoice ticked or not ticked.

Anyone have any ideas/recommendations? I am running MOA 2008 version 3.0.8231.0

Thanks, Samantha

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