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    White Labels

    FXCBS gladly offers White Label Partnership. White Label Brokers can benefit from our ECN trading environment on our user friendly trading platform MetaTrader4, and can make it available for their clients under their own brand name.
    FXCBS White Label program is designed for institutions and regulated companies by providing a customized interface that allows them to maintain and promote their company brand and be in charge of all administrative work including holding clients funds.
    White Label Brokers can:

    * Charge their clients commission for each trade.
    * Benefit from our professional customer support services.
    * Have direct access to our ECN price feed and competitive spreads.
    * Have direct access to our ECN execution through MT4.

    White Label Fees:

    * Setup fee: USD 5000.00 (Paid once).
    * Monthly service fee: USD 1000.00

    Money Managers

    Money managers are professional traders who earn income by charging their clients Management Fees and/or Profit Sharing by managing the accounts of their clients.
    How it works:
    Clients apply for Live Accounts at FXCBS and sign a Power of Attorney to Authorize the Money Manager to operate on their account(s). On the other hand, FXCBS will be providing a Multi Account Management (MAM) Solution for Money Managers to handle their clients' accounts from one MetaTrader platform.
    Multi Account Manager gives you:

    * Unlimited trading accounts.
    * STP on master account for bulk order execution, with instant allocation to sub accounts.
    * Three allocation methods – Lot, Percentage, and Proportional.
    * "Group Order" execution from Main control screen.
    * Partial close of orders by Master account execution.
    * Full SL, TP & Pending order functionality.
    * Allows Expert Advisor (EA) trading of managed accounts from client side.
    * Each Sub Account has an output to screen report.
    * Market watch window within MAM.
    * Live order management monitoring within MAM including P&L.

    Click here to watch the video demos.

    Introducing Brokers

    Introducing brokers are individuals or institutions who can earn income in the form of commission by introducing clients to FXCBS. IBs don't handle the administrative work of their clients and do not hold the clients' funds.
    Who can benefit from FXCBS IB Program?

    * Institutions that conduct business as Brokers.
    * Affiliates & Website Owners.
    * Expert Advisor Developers & Providers.

    How can you benefit from becoming an IB?
    By referring your clients, either personally or electronically, you will be entitled of a rebate of the commission according to the volume generated by their clients' trading activities.
    *Only IBs who adopt the same commission fee of FXCBS with no extra charges are entitled of a rebate from our commission.

    MetaTrader4 Licensee

    By integrating and combining FXCBS aggregation system with your MetaTrader4 portal, you will have a powerful and more robust and reliable price feed and Straight Through Processing (STP) execution, where trades requested by customers on a MetaTrader4 platform would be executed directly against bank feeds through FXCBS system.
    Using this feature, you will be:

    * Having the best solution for coverage & risk management purposes.
    * Eliminating the need for a dealing desk.
    * Reducing the manual work load required to manage the MetaTrader4 platform.
    * Increasing productivity.
    * Reducing human errors.
    * And making the running of the MetaTrader4 platform more professional.

    Your platform will also gain:

    * Free inter-bank price feed straight to your servers.
    * Aggregated executable streams from the major liquidity providers in the industry.
    * The total freedom of choosing which groups you would like to have on the STP mode.
    * More profit and peace of mined knowing that some or all of your client’s trades can be risk free and still profit from spreads and commissions.
    * An automatic coverage environment.

    Request a Partnership

    If you are interested in Partnership with FXCBS, please fill the form below. Upon receiving your message, one of our Institutional Sales team will contact you.

    Partnership | FXCBS

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    fxcbsar, Mar 27, 2010
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