PAW Thread


Ed Zollars, CPA

A few issues that need to be considered on the PAW thread.
The thread is beginning to get rather repetitive and
creating other issues with friction (normal issue when a
thread gets repetitive). So we are "suggesting" the following:

First please keep posts away from personal issues and only
on the matters on topic for this group (financial planning
issues). The moderators plan to have a rather "low
tolerance" for additional posts in the thread that can be
even vaguely read as a personal attack.

Second, please consider changing the subjects of threads
when they drift away from topic. For instance, a subthread
of the PAW thread has been the issue of the use of your own
business and how that impacts financial planning. That's a
separate thread and issues related to that should go in a
separate thread.

Third, don't get repetitive. Right now we pretty much know
who thinks the PAW formula is a good thing, who thinks it's
not, and who is making point about mathematical issues.
Repeating these lines does not do anything to change
anyone's mind and should be avoided since all that happens
eventually in a thread like that is everyone calls everyone
else an idiot.

Finally, that particular thread will likely be closed soon
since it's become very repetitive <grin>, and that might
happen sooner if it appears messages are violating the
outlines above. It's really time to find another topic
unless you truly have something new to add. If your post
contains the phrase "like I told you before" or something
similar then it fails that test <grin>.


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