paying bill with third-party checks

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elizabeth baker

Is there any way to pay a bill with checks from more than one place? my
customer pays company charges with his personal credit card.

i currently enter all the charges for his credit account, using the
Customer:Job field to break down the charges for each company. Then i
create a time/expenses bill for each company. Customer is reimbursed by
company and pays credit card bill with personal check.

Rather than being reimbursed with a check to him, he would prefer that
the check be made out to his credit card company, i.e.

$1,000 Total bill

$ 300 Customer's check to CC company for his personal charges
$ 400 Company A's check to CC company for charges made on its behalf
$ 300 Company B's check to CC company for charges made on its behalf

Customer would like to pay credit card bill with separate checks.

How can i do this?



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