paying mileage reimbursement on paychecks


Tim Colling

Hi -

We reimburse our employees for mileage when they drive their own cars on
client business, and then we bill the clients for the same amounts. We need
to show the details on client invoices - dates, miles driven, and amount of
expense. I can see how to bill clients for the mileage by entering "bills"
with "items", but I can't figure out how to have those amounts included on
the employees' pay checks - instead, I have to cut them a second check.

Can anyone suggest a solution for this?





I've created in the past a payroll addition item, then assigned the
addition item to the employee. If you set it up as an addition it
doesn't affect taxing. You will have to enter the miles x the rate it
won't carry over from anything inside QB.

Employee data isn't going to sync with Outlook unless you set the
employees up as customers.

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