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We have RMS 1.2 and soon will have a Web Store.

I would like your oppinions on payment services, so far these is what
we know...

For RMS:
1. Vital, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of América interface directly with
There is no need of extra software or going to a different screen to
input data.
- Is these right?
- How is this working for you?
- Does it process credit cards, debit cards and checks?
- Does it works with First Data?

2. PC Charge, IC Verify, others... These are processing software that works
parallel with RMS. A different screen has to be accessed and the card
info has
to be entered.
- Do these programs support an MSR?
- How much does the software cost? Fees and commissions?

3. Any other methods that we don´t know?

For the Web Store:
1. Paypal, 2checkout, etc. With and without problems these all work
- What are your experiences with them?
- Which one would you recvommend? Why?

2. Is there a company/method that can be used for the processing of payments
in RMS and can be used in the Web Site (not the same software, but the
same company) so we just have to deal with one vendor?

3. Any other companies/software/mehtods that you use that are good?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help....




Gordon Jaquay


RMS ---
1. You are correct, RMS does work with these payment services. I do not
know if it interfaces (but I don't believe it does with FirstData. All of
them perform CC processing and I believe most/all of them process debit and
checks also.

2. RMS v 1.2 does not support ICVerify. You are correct that PCCharge runs
in parallel with RMS but you do not have to go to a separate window to
process charges. If setup properly, PCCharge hooks right into RMS and
processes CC right from RMS. I have never tried processing debit or checks
through PCC but I am sure it probably handles this also.

3. There are 3rd party addons like Mercury Payment Systems that have an RMS
add-on payment system that expands the options of processors you can use and
you can also process gift cards with it. Contact me for more info and
pricing for this.

Web Store ---
1. Never used PayPal with RMS or outside RMS.

2. Most processors would probably give you another account number/merchant
number so you can use them for your web processor as well as your retail

3. RMS Web Integrator is a 3rd party addon for RMS that lets you download
orders from your e-commerce web site and pull them into RMS for processing.
They also have an deluxe version that allows it to synchronize RMS items,
customers, etc with your site. Contact me for more info and pricing on


1. RMS does not work with First Data. We know from experience.
2. IcVerify works parallel to RMS and will run through a sale in RMS and
then actually show the sale in ICVerify. You must batch out ICVerify
independently of RMS.

Dan Reed [MSFT]

Hi Carlos,

A few of the answers below are incorrect. I want to make sure you have the
correct understanding of RMS integration with payment processing.

1) RMS 1.2 SP2 directly integrates with vital processing. What this means is
you can set up a merchant account with Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of
America, and Payment Tech. With this direct integration you can authorize and
settle debit and credit transactions. Although the above banks may provide
check processing RMS1.2 does not support check verification though the vital
solution. RMS does not directly support other acquiring banks but you may be
able to setup other banks using the EDC set up UI.

2) RMS 1.2 does support integration with both IC Verify and PC Charge. This
integration does not support debit card authorization, only PC Charge
supports check and credit card, and IC Verify supports credit card only. RMS
does support an MSR with both of these products.



Jason Hunt

I wish that MS would clearly explain this, just as you have, somewhere on
the website and amongst other literature.

Dan Reed [MSFT]

The KB article "A list of Credit Card Processing Software and Processors that
integrate with Store Operations 1.2" number: 862458 is a good starting point
to for what we support and do not support. In there are links to more
detailed KB articles. I will look into seeing if we can update these articles
to include some of the comments made below. Thanks for your suggestion!






Gordon, Elizabeth, Dan...

Thank you very much for your opinions and information.

We are in Mexico CIty so we are going to try ICVerify which is
the only option that we have down here. For the web it looks
like we are going with 2checkout... any experience with them?

Thanks again.



Dan, I'm very interested in this KB article, but I can't find it in the
KB...any help?


Fred Lamothe

I am using ICVerify successfully, but my bank has now advised that they will
be charging us an additional 2% of the sale for all transactions that do not
include the now required address verification. I have contacted MS about
this a number of times and they only say they are aware of the problem but it
may not be a priority for them to add a fix. ICVerify supports the correct
transaction, but RMS does not send the needed data to ICVerify. 90% of our
transactions are off our website, so we need to be in compliance with the new
requirements and cannot afford an extra 2%. If there is no fix soon, we'll
have to scrap the RMS product and go elsewhere. Any ideas?

Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

Use a separate Merchant Account for your online sales and process them
through your ECommerce Site rather than through RMS.

Or open the ICVerify interface to process the cards - change your Tender
Types in RMS to be "other" tender types instead of "Credit Card".



TPI Software has an Add-on for RMS that I beleive can do Address
Verification and should be able to use your current merchant service
provider. It does cost approx $150 one time price for the add-on but it is
integrated with RMS and you can do all your Credit Cards, Debit Cards w/ Pin
Pad, EBT Gift Cards and so on with this add-on.




Fred Lamothe


Thank you very much. I'll check it out. It will be well worth the cost for
the savings in fees.


Fred Lamothe

Thanks Glenn

Glenn Adams said:
Use a separate Merchant Account for your online sales and process them
through your ECommerce Site rather than through RMS.

Or open the ICVerify interface to process the cards - change your Tender
Types in RMS to be "other" tender types instead of "Credit Card".





First of all, thank you for your post, as you've explained a lot for me.
Before I go through and finalize my purchasing, I was hoping to confirm some
inferences I've made.

I have a Wells Fargo Merchant Account, and currently, we have a separate
credit card machine that processes our credit card transactions. Just so that
I understand, I DO NOT need to purchase anything (except an MSR) to be able
to process these transactions through RMS Operations 1.2 ? If this is the
case, where can I find a manual on how to setup RMS Operations 1.2 to work
with my Wells Fargo account?


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