Payroll Check Design Stub Missing Info

Discussion in 'Peachtree Accounting' started by Carla F., Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Carla F.

    Carla F. Guest

    I took a canned peachtree payroll check and shifted things around so
    that there is a top, a middle, and bottom stub.

    The middle stub prints fine - all payroll fields and amounts. I
    copied, pasted, and shifted the copy down for the bottom stub. But
    the botom stub is showing blanks for the payroll field information. I
    does show the column headings, net check, totals, etc., just not the

    What can I try to fix this?

    Carla F., Sep 26, 2003
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  2. Carla F.

    Chad A Gross Guest

    Hi Carla -

    It sounds like you need to fix your field order. Open the check in design
    mode, and right-click somewhere on the form and select 'Order' from the
    menu. This is the order that the form processes the fields. If you have a
    detail field (like hours worked or SocSec deduction), you'll need to move it
    up in the order so that the form handles it the same time it handles that
    detail item for the other stubs.

    How this works, is PT reads the detail field from the payroll file,
    populates the data that it has just read into the fields listed next in the
    order, then it will get a command to read the next line item, thus reading
    the next detail item. It repeats this process until it hits the end of the
    current record. When you add additional fields to a form, they are added to
    the end of the order by default, in which case the form has already reached
    the end of the current record, thus those fields are left blank when the
    form prints.

    I'll admit that this is kind of confusing the first time you do it - but it
    really isn't that difficult. I would suggest making a copy of your current
    check, and messing with your order on the copy, just so you always have your
    original in tact if you need it. :^)

    Chad A Gross - SBS Rocks!

    Lerman's Law of Technology: Any technical problem can be overcome
    given enough time and money. Corollary: You are never given enough
    time or money.
    Chad A Gross, Sep 28, 2003
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  3. Carla F.

    Carla F. Guest

    Thanks. It was still way confusing, but you warned me. :) I see how
    it orders, but it seemed way too time consuming to move every field up
    like that. PT form designer is NOT user friendly by any means. At
    least I noticed they now have the form field in the bottom showing.

    ANYWAY, I think what happened is that I didn't choose a 2 stub check
    to manipulate in the first place. When I went back and chose a 2-stub
    canned check, then moved the sections around, I get what I need - the
    check on top, with a middle & bottom stub.

    Thanks for the info though. Your post made me go back and reconsider
    what had led to the problem. I'm trying very hard now to back up my
    forms to floppy so that when I have to reinstall, I've got something.

    Carla F., Oct 3, 2003
  4. Carla F.


    Feb 12, 2013
    Likes Received:
    2 check stubs is probably the best to begin with. I've ran into issues like this before but had to double back - Carla - great point

    Need to keep these in mind.
    zackwilson, Feb 12, 2013
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