payroll liability report problem



We have recently subscribed to the payroll service and have just
started using it.Our office handles the bookkeeping for alot of one
employee corporations and for simplicity has never used the tax tables
for federal and state withholding. We have always used a straight
percentage of the gross. This is what we would like to continue.
Therefore I created in "user maintained" the formulas we would need and
checked off the "use in payroll reports" box. All works fine for the
generation of the checks. The problem is the reports. The state and
federal withholding do not calcuate in the reports, which will mean
941s and W-2s will not calculate properly (which is half the reason we
suscribed to the service, now we do it manually).

Peachtree says it is a formula problem and they will not help. Seems
amazing to me that you subscribe to a service and they will not help
--- so here I am hoping someone may have the answer.

the formula is as follows :for all statuses (as I said we do not use
the tax table)
FIT20 FIT20 06
taxable_gross= adjusted_gross

Any help would be appreciated>


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