Payroll Software Question


Queen Caffeine

I use QB for several of my bookkeeping clients but I am also
considering establishing a payroll service to broaden the spectrum of
my clientele. Since I have worked with QB for so long, I would prefer
to continue using the software for this aspect of my business. I've
searched the Intuit website for information on a group license but am
unable to determine if one is available. Is there anyone who can
provide any insight into whether or not I can pay an additional amount
but not be forced into buying a payroll subscription for each client?
This would obviously be cost-prohibitive for my type of business.

Thank you.



Tim Kroesen

Wake up; those in to it want to usurp your proposed business... Why pay
you for anything other than 'advise' (to use their product)??? I guess
what you really want to be to make money with this product is a 'pro

Tim K


If you buy DIY payroll, you can ad all your client files to it for the one
fee per year, I think $169. I do.




Sure. I do it all the time. Intuit has no way of knowing if you actually
have employees.

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