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Discussion in 'Accounting' started by jtees4, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. jtees4

    jtees4 Guest

    What software would you all recommend for a small business, about 15
    employees in NY State as far as doing payroll?? What do you think
    would be best and why? Thanks.
    jtees4, Oct 12, 2006
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  2. jtees4

    TKnTexas Guest

    What industry are you in? Does your regular accounting software offer
    a payroll module or have they already partnered up with a payroll
    TKnTexas, Oct 13, 2006
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  3. jtees4

    jtees4 Guest

    We are in construction. We currently use an outside accountant to do
    payroll. I use QuickBooks in the office, yes it has payroll, but it is
    an older versiom (99) and therefore I would have to buy a new one to
    use it because they no longer support this old version and I can't
    download tax tables into it etc. I can use it if I do my payroll
    manually...which I have done for practice beauces i will eventually be
    doing payroll here in house. Just wondering what the best options are
    out there.
    jtees4, Oct 13, 2006
  4. jtees4

    Meyer1228 Guest

    A non-software solution is ADP. It's inexpensive and doesn't take a lot of
    time. You get a printout to make your g/l entries into your own accounting
    software. They file your employment taxes and do the W2's.
    Meyer1228, Oct 13, 2006
  5. jtees4

    Steve Guest

    Make sure doing payroll in-house is the best use of your time. Payroll is
    a specialized area with severe penalties if you mess things up. Some
    alternatives to QB are using online services like or .


    Steve, Oct 13, 2006
  6. jtees4

    TKnTexas Guest

    ADP is ok. As long as they make no mistakes they are fine. If they
    do, it can be a difficult process to correct, especially if it is
    related to the filing of taxes. They do not let clients speak to the
    tax people in California. So you have to go through your customer
    service representative who may not understand the problem.

    I would get a quote from ADP, Paychex, CBS Payroll (which is Intuit
    owned), and Alliance Payroll (based in Houston). I have used all of
    the above except Paychex.

    CBS Payroll was great before Intuit purchased it. I have not used it
    since that time. There reports were clean and simple and about
    one-third of ADP's quote for size operation. I have a colleague who
    handles accounting for small restaurant chains. They use it for
    payroll and she can access the reports via the web about an hour after
    transmission. You would be able to view the payroll journal and make a
    correction before it is printed and delivered.

    I switched a country club from ADP to Alliance. Like CBS it was about
    a third of the cost of ADP. Alliance used internet pipeline to
    transfer payroll, ADP was still on dial-up. Hopefully that has changed
    in the last year. Alliance has fixed pricing. You can find their
    price list on the website. ADP's pricing is negotiable. At the
    country club I got it dropped 25% just by telling them I would have it
    moved to another provider in less than a week's time. ADP is really
    too high if you don't watch them.

    TKnTexas, Oct 13, 2006
  7. jtees4

    Mojo Guest

    Hi There
    QuickBooks, have you thought about it?
    Not only you can do your payroll, but you can job coast your payroll.
    Track Vendors and Customers Bills. Creates your own Template for
    invoicing, you can go fancy with QB 2007.
    Plus the accounting Portions of it, is Fabulous. Intuit made it easier
    even if you have not used QuickBooks before.
    Plus you can post your ads from QuickBooks through Google, Post your
    services to attract more customers, in addition to the Add words.
    It's powerful for Small Business.
    About the Payroll
    You can choose from a variety out there. the thing is, do you want pay
    and file your taxes, or you want a payroll service to do it for you.
    With intuit, you have
    Standard: you do your payroll base on accurate Tax Table downloaded
    from Intuit. You file and Pay your Taxes; only Fed forms are available
    with the standard.
    Enhanced you do your payroll base on accurate Tax Table downloaded from
    Intuit. You file and Pay your Taxes, only Fed and states forms are

    Assisted: your process and submit your Payroll, we will do the rest,
    with an exception of local Taxes like Yonkers and NY Resident.

    Finally Complete Payroll Web Based interface. You
    process your payroll online, after the transmission, GL entries are
    generated and integrated in QB right after your payroll is completed.
    Run P&L report in seconds. Pre Set up is required about 15 min.
    Complete Payroll takes care of all taxes including Locals.
    You can add DD to any of these Payroll options.

    You can also go to, it s a website to New Entrepreneurs.
    Best Luck to you
    Mojo, Oct 13, 2006
  8. jtees4

    brecker Guest

    I would recommed

    The power the payroll system behind Bank of America and give you many
    options for something like $15 per month plus per paychek fees (.25 I
    brecker, Oct 21, 2006
  9. jtees4

    Arnold Guest

    Dear Jtees,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, I've been out of town.

    First, you are one of many who are looking for an alternative to
    QuickBooks. As you can tell by the responses you have received, some
    people do not accept that there is such a thing as an alternative to
    QuickBooks. In fact, there is. In truth, you can do payroll yourself
    and save money--if you have the right software. While you're at it, why
    not consider a total accounting and payroll solution, replacing
    QuickBooks entirely?

    Please weigh these options for your construction company:

    1) Job Cost Accounting is the specific accounting process used in
    construction. True Job Costing actually uses the "estimate" generated
    when you bid the job. That Estimate is used as the "budget" for that
    job. As bills are paid and payrolls are met, job costing tracks
    "actual" versus "budgeted" expenses, calculating and pinpointing
    variances, giving you a constant status check on every phase of every
    job. This is how job costs are monitored and controlled. This is how
    some builders discover that a Change Order was overlooked, a revelation
    that can make a huge difference in profitability. Monitoring costs is
    what Job Costing is all about.

    2) With all due respect, general accounting programs (with a Job Costing
    function added as an afterthought) typically do not have the same depth
    of functionality (and ease of use) as accounting software that was
    written with job costing as the "center" of the accounting process. Why
    not use the right tool for the job?

    3) Why not have accounting software where payroll tax tables can be
    updated for FREE instead of having your payroll function become
    dysfunctional just because the tax tables change? Why pay for tax table
    updates? Do you want to purchase your payroll software or "rent it" by
    the year?

    4) Why not have accounting software that is filled with Job Cost reports
    designed to meet the unique needs of contractors? JobView even includes
    "Bonding Reports" literally designed by Surety Bonding companies and
    accepted by them as valid, reports that are created as a byproduct of
    your accounting transactions. You don't need to create a spreadsheet
    and comb through piles of reports to compile a bonding report any longer.

    5) Why not have a job costing software that can grow with your company,
    starting with a version priced for a small company, but having the
    capacity to grow to handle revenue in the hundreds of millions,
    employees in the hundreds, and a network, not just for a single person,
    but for a whole accounting department? Why buy a software that you can
    outgrow? Why not buy one that will grow with you, adding the functions
    you need, as you need them, one at a time if necessary?

    6) Why not have accounting software that is rated 5-Stars out of 5 by
    The CPA Technology Advisor," specialists in their area?

    Here is the solution I propose. A-Systems JobView is the answer to
    those questions. You can actually download a Free-Trial version on the
    internet at: OR you can request
    that free trial copy be sent directly to you on CD. The CD will also
    include comprehensive multimedia training and tools to help you get started.

    The Free-Trial is just that. You can actually use the built in "wizard"
    to import certain data from QuickBooks and then complete the setup of
    your company on JobView. You can set up jobs, pay bills, do payroll,
    all for FREE. It takes a lot of confidence in our software to provide a
    complete accounting program for free in advance of any form of payment,
    but we've done it for years. A few companies offer a money back
    guarantee with a list of restrictions and exceptions. A-Systems will
    give you a "Risk-Free Trial, no payment in advance, try it and buy it if
    you like it, but don't lay out a cent until you are ready" offer. The
    question is whether JobView "fits" you and the way you do business.
    Some people are content with handling a web of spreadsheets. Others
    can't be bothered with job costing, either their jobs are too small or
    they are reluctant to change a system that "works." Good for them.

    Just who is A-Systems? A-Systems has been providing job costing to the
    construction industry since 1978. A-Systems was the FIRST company to
    develop job costing software for the PC. No other company can ever say
    that. A-Systems is an independent company, not owned by any
    conglomerate or international business. We are an American company that
    has all of our offices, including our technical support department, in
    the United States of America, where technicians answer questions instead
    of read answers from scripts. A-Systems holds national user conferences
    twice a year where we solicit ideas for enhancements. We just completed
    a conference in San Diego where we held another suggestion contest. In
    the four days since that conference, we have already added around 20 new
    enhancements. They're small things, time saving processes mostly, but
    it is that kind of responsiveness to our clientele that brings calls to
    our sales department saying, "I heard about you from a friend that uses
    your software. They love it because..."

    The Free-Trial includes three versions of A-Systems JobView. Based on
    the information you gave, the Small Builder Advantage edition will
    probably meet your needs nicely. It is available at the give-away cost
    of $79.95, including the wizard to get you started, and all of the
    multimedia training sessions. The CD also has an course that will
    introduce you to the processes and terminology of accounting. It's
    called "Bean Counting 101." That's not a slam at accountants. We
    firmly believe that accountants are worth their weight in gold because
    accounting is the "language of business" and they speak that language best.

    Back to Jobview. When you log into the Free-Trial, you have the choice
    of the Small Builder Advantage, the Standard Edition, or the Preferred
    Edition. (You can grow into the Standard Edition or the Preferred
    Edition later.) Small and startup companies are well served with the
    SBA edition. Why did we call it the SBA edition? The United States
    Small Business Administration (the SBA) liked our software so much they
    purchased a copy for EVERY SBA OFFICE in the nation! They wanted
    everyone to have access to it. What more can we say than that?

    If you are open to paying less for job costing and getting more, look
    into A-Systems JobView. Obviously, this is my opinion, someone who
    sells job costing to construction companies every day. I am "tooting my
    own horn", but the first call I answered this morning was from a company
    that was looking for an alternative to QuickBooks for their construction
    company. I told them about the Small Builder Advantage Edition of
    JobView, pretty much saying what I wrote here and they bought JobView on
    the spot!!!

    That says it all. I hope you have the information you were seeking.

    Arnold, Oct 26, 2006
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