Peachtree 2005 and windows server 2008


Iuka Tech

We have decided to update our server to a dell poweredge 2900 with 4 gig of
ram and a double drive in raid. What our main problem is while working in
peachtree 2005 the workstations mixed with 2000 pro sp4 and xppro SP3 seemed
to have a 20- 30 second hesitation to wake back up into the program. It
doesnt seemed to be a trouble in nothing but the peachtree itself after it
sits for 20-30 minutes idleing. I have tried all betreive settings as well as
made sure all hardware is correct at not going to sleep but nothing seems to
be the default of it. This all was on a Novell 6.5 system and was working
correctly as could be before we made the switch over to the newer 2008
server. All drives are mapped the same as the old server and and shared is
set up right. Can anyone help in this crises? I feel its in peachtree
software connection and windows server 2008 connection somehow but not sure
where to dig on server 2008 to check. Thankyou in advance for any help here.




This os a Microsoft Office Accounting newsgroup, not a Peachtree newsgroup.

I have several customers that run Peachtree sucessfully on Windows 2003
Server and have not ever had one issue. Ensure you followed the Network
Installation. You question is a bit vague and could be anything really. Have
you contacted Peachtree? Try running a local version and see if you have
the same problem, if so, it is an issue w/ the database and may require
cleanup. If not, then there is something wrong w/ the server. This could be
a btrieve issue or a Windows config issue.

If you need help outside of the newsgoups we help customers w/ many of these
Steve Wofford

This is a very vague questions and if you are not famailiar with Windows
Server you may want to have

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