Peachtree DDF files



I am running Peachtree v8.0 which does not use DDF files. I believe that
the first update (v8.2) does use DDFs, but we never updated and it is no
longer possible since Sage no longer supports v8.0

I suspect that the DDFs for v8.2 will work with v8.0 files, and I am working
with some software that that could use the DDFs in order to make edits to
the data outside of Peachtree possible, or at least easier than it is now.

Is anyone running v8.2 here and if so, would you be willing to send me the
three DDFs (file.ddf, index.ddf, and field.ddf)?





Chad A. Gross [SBS-MVP]

We upgraded from v8 a long time ago, so I don't have the DDFs - but I do
still have the 8.02 update install (yeah, I'm a pack rat - but a well
organized pack rat :^)

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