Peachtree Premium 2010 Files?



Where does it keep the bloody data files?! I can't even figure out
where the .ini file is to see how things are set up that way!

The program won't start; I need to uninstall it and reinstall it, I
think... I wanted to copy the data folders elsewhere just in case. I
don't think just uninstalling the program would hurt the data files,
but I like to do that just to be safe.

I've searched for p*.ini, *.bak, data, and anything else I can think
of "everywhere".

As it is, the program was installed from a downloaded upgrade file, so
I'll probably need the older version cd to reinstall. Very


~^ beancounter ~^

did you try "following" the "exe" file? or searchingon the co name and
see...the software burries the files
in a programs, sage. peachtreet...etc....good

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