Pension withdrawal



Dear experts,

in 2007, I spent more than 183 days in Massachusetts, U.S., and only
had income in the U.S. For many years, I have been filing as the U.S.
resident for many years, being in the U.S. between 1997 and 2007, and
I plan to do it for 2007, my last year in the U.S., too. Most of my
income tax in 2007 has been withdrawn.

But in Summer 2007, I also withdrew all funds from a TIAA-CREF account
that was not taxed, but I provided TIAA with a W-8BEN form.

Now I am back in the Czech Republic and I plan to file as a U.S.
resident for tax purposes for 2007. I suppose I will pay some tax from
the TIAA-CREF money, maybe even the scary 30%. Could you please try to
explain me what extra forms I need, where these amounts should be
written, and how to calculate it (roughly)?

There are dozens of questions I would have to ask but I don't even
know what are the right questions because the tax code always looks as
a completely inpenetrable jungle to me. Similar questions apply to the
Massachusetts state tax. Is the TIAA-CREF money taxed there and how?
What forms do I need?

Best wishes


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