Percentage of Taking to a current liability account


Ian M Butterfield

I'm a photographer using QB2003 in the UK. I do quite a bit of work of
schools and toddler groups. There is a practice that schools and toddler
groups want, say, 10% of the takings from orders placed.

How can I track this in QB? My price list has to show the gross price. Eg
a Using 10% as the figure to be given to the school, and the price of 10x8in
print is £10.50. I would get £9.00 and the school would get get £1.50.

Ideally I'd like to define some sort of item that I can add at the end of an
invoice which will direct 10% of the sale to a current liability account for
the particular school or toddler group. Any idea on how to do this? Or is
their a better way to handle such items?

Ian M Butterfield,
ian <at> 2 fields <dot> co <dot> uk.


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